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In person and online events coming soon


A 6-week in-person course 

Wed Sept 11th - Wed Oct 16th 2024

The Way of Kinship: 
Re-awakening our Bond with an Intelligent, Living Earth 

at St Ethelburga’s Centre
for Reconciliation & Peace
London EC2N 4AG

Immersive retreats

The four retreats below were held in 2023 as part of the Kincentic Leadership programme. 
More retreats and courses will be coming soon. 

rmerc mouse.jpg
Dec 8th - 15th 2023

Leading from within the Wider Web of Life

Auroville, India

A fully funded 7 day residential

rmerc mouse.jpg
22nd May - 28th May 2023

Radical Aliveness in a More than Human World

Rocky Mountains Ecodharma Retreat Centre

This retreat is now full

rmerc mouse.jpg
Sept 9th - 16th 2023

More than Human Community: Kincentric Leadership as a way of Life

Findhorn Ecovillage & Community

This retreat is now full

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14th July - 20th July 2023

Sound & Silence: Deep Listening with the More Than Human World

Sharpham House, Devon, UK

This retreat is now full

Past workshops & events

Indigineity across cultures and time:
An evening with Lyla June Johnston
& Angharad Wynne

Monday 2nd Oct 2023 6pm - 8pm 
A collaboration with St Ethelburga's Centre
for Reconciliation & Peace, London


Immersive retreats

The 4 retreats below were delivered in 2023 and were the entry points into the 18 month leaders programme.   Read more about what's involved in the leadership programme here.  Our aim for these retreats is to provide diverse spaces for transformative experiences, inspiration and deep inquiry, always with an eye to practical application in your work as a leader.  

For indvidual events and workshops open to all - scroll down.  

Our Body - an Earth Being
With Mira Weinrich

Wed 22nd May 2024
6.30pm - 9pm BST / UCT 

Image by Ronan Furuta
  • Friendship with the More than Human World
    Friendship with the More than Human World
    Tue, 02 May
    02 May 2023, 18:30 – 20:30 BST
    Join us for the official launch the Kincentric Leadership programme! We'll be talking with South African wilderness guide Sicelo Mbatha and animal behaviourist Dr Christine Webb, exploring themes of empathy, awareness and friendship with the more than human world.

Bees, ants, and foxes use mathematics in a way that is far more sophisticated than we ever imagined. Slime mold remembers the shortest routes to food without a brain. Moisture-loving fungi make rain. Plankton create clouds when the sun burns too hot. Squid and octopus edit their own brain genes. And wild dogs use sneezing as a collective decision-making process to organize activities.

 - ​Leen Gorrisen, Building the Future of Innovation on Millions of Years of Natural Intelligence

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