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Our Body - an Earth Being
with Mira Weinrich

Wednesday 22nd May 2024 
6.30pm - 9pm BST  (17:30 - 20.00 UTC)
An online introduction to an exciting new way of working with our bodies and with Earth
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Our bodies belong to the living Earth.   They are guided by ancient planetary principles and intelligence.


If we grow up in the modern world paradigm, humans are separated from the overall context of life and this can lead to a feeling of non-belonging.  But every single body speaks the Earth’s mother tongue.  Earth and our body, they belong to each other. Therefore we can participate in their conversation and have relationships with the non-human world through our bodies. 


To do this, we need to befriend our body and relearn its old language. 


As our thoughts and beliefs profoundly affect our experiences, first we need to transform our worldview of separation and devaluation of the physical world in general. Cognitive science clearly shows that our thoughts act like filters that influence our perception. They enable and prevent experiences. This is where Bodywork merges with Philosophy.

To live a connected and loving relationship with our wonderful Earth, we need to think differently about Her and about our bodies. We need worldviews and philosophies which allow love and interconnectedness. Our current Western worldview prevent us from experiencing this. But there are many other old and new ways of seeing out there that we can learn from.


This training includes 6 tools that enable you to grow into the relationship with your own living body as an Earth being. Among other things it includes philosophical worldview-work, thinking methods, embodiment techniques, touch exercises and self-encounter forms. These tools were developed against the background of Hawaiian Bodywork, Indigenous-Hawaiian and European Philosophy, and neuro- and cognitive scientific research.


The first step is to treat your own body like an intelligent, sentient and loving being.  This is where we begin in our workshop.

More about Mira 

Mira Weinrich has been leading Mind*Bodywork since 2014 and has developed her own unique system of practice.  Mira studied philosophy, ethics, German and Jewish studies and educations sciences.  She trained for 10 years in Hawaiian Bodywork on (and with) the island of Kauai.  She is also trained as a Qigong teacher in the tradition of Daisy Lee. and as a philosophical practitioner with the Professional Association for Philosophical Practice (BV-PP). She is also a Lecturer at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg.  Her great love is to provide spaces in which we can remember and feel that our bodies and the Earth speak to - and long for - each other every day.



Supporter price:          £30

Standard price:           £25

Low income price:       £20

Student/unemployed:  £15 


How to book

Email and you will receive a link where you

can pay online.  We will send you the zoom link and joining info 48 hours

before the call, and again 2 hours before.  

Please note the start time is 18:30 British Summer Time.  You can find your time zone here.

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"The body belongs to the earth, and the earth to the body."

- Chief Seattle

(19th Century Duwamish and Suquamish tribal leader) 

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