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Deepen your kincentric practice

Learn from leading practitioners, facilitators and thinkers from diverse fields and backgrounds in our series of in person retreats and online sessions. 

Participation in retreats is by application only. We hope to welcome people from a diversity of backgrounds and aim for at least 50% of contributors, teachers and participants from indigenous, marginalised or 

All our retreats are generously supported by the V. Kann rasmussen Foundation, meaning we are able to offer free participation, room and board at 4 leading edge immersions into kincentric leadership in 2023. 

No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment
Bees, ants, and foxes use mathematics in a way that is far more sophisticated than we ever imagined. Slime mold remembers the shortest routes to food without a brain. Moisture-loving fungi make rain. Plankton create clouds when the sun burns too hot. Squid and octopus edit their own brain genes. And wild dogs use sneezing as a collective decision-making process to organize activities.
Leen Gorrisen, ecologist & author of 'Building the Future of Innovation on Millions of Years of Natural Intelligence'
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