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Kincentric leadership in action

We are collecting stories from around the world of leaders using the kincentric approach.  We will be publishing these in the summer of 2023.  We''d love your help with our research.  If you've seen or experienced kincentric approaches you think we should know about - or are using them yourself - we'd love to know!  We are interested in everything from simple individual practices to whole projects and knowledge systems.  Don't be shy - just drop us a line!

Over the coming year we will be gathering stories of people, projects and communities all over the world who are leading the way in kincentric action.  These stories will become part of a valuable resource - an online bank of living, inspiring examples of how together we can create a future rooted in kinship with all life.  

You can help us with our research by connecting us with people or projects we should include.

devon retreat 

Woman Working in Garden
Image by Jan Huber

Trees are part of a large, interconnected community interacting with their own and other species, including forming kin relationships with their genetic relatives.
- The Mother Tree Project

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