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Intelligent, Communicative, Alive!
Waking up to the animacy & personhood of the natural world

A one-day workshop that can come to your community

Would you like to:

  • tap into new scientific discoveries that reveal the network of relationships and constant communication that exist within the natural world? 

  • understand how those discoveries mirror indigenous worldviews?

  • learn simple practices that will help you tune in to dfferent forms of intelligence and different kinds of conversations going on in the wild? 

  • explore how reimagining humanity's place in the wider community of life might be inextricably bound up with other struggles for equality?

  • get clear on how thinking and acting more like nature makes us more resilient and efficient?

  • consider how to internalise these understandings and live them in your life and work?

  • take action to more consciously support the web of life?

Join us for a rewarding and thought-provoking day absorbing the revolution going on in our scientific understanding of non-human intelligence and connectedness, and exploring the ways in which it reflects ancient wisdom.  Come into a new relationship with the wider web of life around us and open to some of its many languages.  Be nourished by indigenous understandings of kinship which can deepen our sense of belonging.  Take time listening to each other and to the more than than human world.  Share kincentric stories and experiences.  Engage in simple acts of  service for the Earth.  Explore how to bring these learnings and experiences into your every day life and practice.   


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Justine Huxley 

Justine's core passion is working with others to awaken humanity to a deeper understanding of our kinship with all life. As CEO of St Ethelburga's Centre for over 18 years, she ran programmes on spiritual ecology, radical resilience and communion with the wild. She has a PhD in psychology, belongs to a Sufi tradition and is the author of "Generation Y, Spirituality & Social Change".   

It has certainly expanded my consciousness on so many levels, and I feel like life won’t be quite the same again

Book a talk or workshop

The content above can be shaped to fit a talk, afternoon or whole day workshop.  It works well in-person in an setting with access to the outdoors - such as community garden or eco-project - but it also works well online. 
We can adapt to the interests, existing knowledge and budget of your community. 
Get in touch for a chat about what's possible! 

Thanks for reaching out!  Look forward to collaborating with you!


Bees, ants, and foxes use mathematics in a way that is far more sophisticated than we ever imagined. Slime mold remembers the shortest routes to food without a brain. Moisture-loving fungi make rain. Plankton create clouds when the sun burns too hot. Squid and octopus edit their own brain genes. And wild dogs use sneezing as a collective decision-making process to organize activities.

 - ​Leen Gorrisen, Building the Future of Innovation on Millions of Years of Natural Intelligence

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