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Gold Fish in Water


​Co-create a world where everyone knows that the Earth is intelligent and alive.

Build kinship with all life into our shared future.

  • £15 GBP will enable us to share our tools with new communities

  • £30 GBP will help us research best practice stories from around the world

  • £50 can part-fund a workshop or talk

  • £100 can fund a travel bursaries and make our leaders programme accessible for those in need.

Kincentric Leadership is a project adminstered by the Global Ecovillage Network. 
Tick the box for Kincentric Leadership under the card details and this will ensure your donation will only fund this specific work.


 The shift I experienced is well described by millennia of mystics but rarely acknowledged by scientists. Increasingly, my subjective consciousness seemed to merge with the group-mind of the baboons. Although “I” was still present, much of my experience overlapped with this larger feeling entity. Increasingly, the troop felt like “us” rather than “them”. The baboons’ satisfactions became my satisfactions, their frustrations my frustrations… I had never before felt a part of something larger, which is not surprising, since I had never so intensely coordinated my activities with others. With great satisfaction, I relinquished my separate self and slid into the ancient experience of belonging to a mobile community of fellow primates.
- Barbara Smuts

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